The Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant

The Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant They can help you save serious expenses through recommendations or implementation of new ideas. By Peter Bouley Sep 01, 2005 THE question of whom to hire and when should be on the minds of CEOs, operations managers, human resources, project managers, and others regarding safety and training issues. This question […]

Safety Pays

  Safety Pays Every year workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths cost our nation $170 billion. That’s money that businesses can save and pain workers can avoid. How can you save money while improving safety and health in your facility? One study estimated that a good safety and health program can save $4 to $6 for […]

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Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts In 2009 22 workers nationwide suffered a fatal injury while operating an aerial lift. While this equipment can be very useful, it can also be extremely dangerous. Operators are at risk of injury from falls, struck by, caught in between, and electrocution. Aerial lifts have replaced scaffolding and ladders at many job sites. […]

Confined Space

When facilities routinely follow safety guidelines pertaining to confined space entry, they may not realize how often confined space emergencies happen. Here are some statistics from the Department of Labor involving permit required confined space incidents occurring from 2005- 2009. During that time period there were a total of 481 fatalities. This averages to about […]

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention safety is very commonly overlooked. However it is of special importance during construction. There are considerably more hazards present during construction than will be present in the completed facility. It is very important to pay constant attention to the fundamentals of fire prevention. A fire protection plan should be developed for each job […]