Roving Site Audits

Roving Pg Pic 1Safety Training & Consulting understands you often need a safety professional’s oversight for jobs that may not support a full-time associate. Yet, even on those jobs, audits, general inspections, and reporting must be done to satisfy safety requirements and regulations.

For this reason, Safety Training & Consulting has developed the Roving Site Safety Audit program. Simply put, this service-oriented safety program provides third-party auditing and consulting service at agreed-upon intervals, thus keeping your job site safe, your crews motivated, and you’re reporting up to date.

The Roving Site Safety Audit program from Safety Training & Consulting will cover many aspects of site safety conditions and compliance including:

  • Multi-point safety inspection that covers task planning, crew performance, and site owner audits and reporting.
  • Safety audits and inspections for areas including trenching, electrical, mobile equipment safe operations, walking-working surface inspections, and fall protection.

The Roving Site Safety Audit program from Safety Training & Consulting offers many benefits that are designed to keep your job site safe, your crew motivated, your reporting up to date, and the project meeting all safety compliances.

Contact us to discuss how The Roving Site Safety Audit program from Safety Training & Consulting will benefit your company by mitigating injuries, keeping you on time, on budget, and in compliance.