Tips For Reducing Worker’s Compensation


  1. Prevent injuries
    1. “Since high injury rates are a sign of poor management, no employer wants to be seen publicly as operating a dangerous workplace,” said Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels. “Our new reporting requirements will ‘nudge’ employers to prevent worker injuries and illnesses to demonstrate to investors, job seekers, customers, and the public that they operate safe and well-managed facilities. Access to injury data will also help OSHA better target our compliance assistance and enforcement resources at establishments where workers are at greatest risk, and enable ‘big data’ researchers to apply their skills to making workplaces safer.”
  2. Developing programs required by OSHA
  3. Make programs SOP
  4. Root Cause Analysis – Behavioral Safety
  5. Educate and train your employees
  6. Hire a third-party Embedded Safety Manager
  7. Set up a Safety Committee