Safety Training & Consulting’s safety professionals bring extensive on-the-job experience to construction, turnaround/shutdown and specific project requirements. Safety staffing requirements are available to site owners and contractors for short and long term commitments in accordance with need. Regardless of the need for extended 24/7 coverage or a single shift, STC can provide you with the right personnel to monitor your team. Safety Training & Consulting’s reputation in project staffing is second to none, providing you with exceptionally qualified professionals dedicated to the safety of your people and the success of your project.

Safety Training & Consulting safety experts bring extensive on-the-job experience to your project in many areas including:

  • Skillset specific personnel – Safety Training & Consulting safety personnel come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring extensive on-the-job experience and a high-level understanding of the task or operation.
  • Manpower assessment, planning, staffing – STC can help you anticipate safety staffing needs based on the task, project or operation at hand. We look at the entire project and provide a staffing plan based on your needs.
  • Regulatory compliance – Stay one step ahead of the game. OSHA and MHSA don’t call ahead to let you know they’re coming. Staffing your team with an STC professional ensures that when that visit comes your team is ready.
  • Training – Safety Training & Consulting believes an educated worker is a safer and more productive worker. Our safety experts bring more than just skill-set specific capabilities to the project – they bring the ability to educate your personnel regarding safety and regulatory issues, making your workplace a safer environment.