Safety Training & Consulting

Established 1995
Since 1995 STC is one of the most diverse and successful providers of safety and health services in the southeastern United States. STC specializes in comprehensive training programs, consultation and management support, and specialty support services catering to construction, mining, energy, solar, and industry Safety Culture & Process.

We work hand in hand with businesses both large and small, tailoring training programs and technical support to address all mandatory OSHA Construction, General Industry, MSHA, DOT, and medical emergency response requirements. Our training programs are customized to address each client’s unique needs and activities.

At Safety Training & Consulting, we believe safety doesn’t happen overnight. The training and development of employees and supervisors is a process and the most important part of your operations. The investment you make in the training and development of your employees today pays off by keeping operations running and the costs associated with unsafe practices down. We work to help you develop a safety culture in which your employees see the importance and value of following safe work practices and are proactive safety partners.

STC offers training programs nationwide, either onsite or offsite. Our experienced training professionals provide expertise in all areas involving:

  • Safety Training & Health
  • Safety Management & Consulting
  • Safety Technical Support
  • First Aid & Emergency Medical Response Services


Our goal at Safety Training & Consulting is to work with our clients to develop formal health and safety programs tailored to their specific needs. Whether you own a facility or are contracted to service it, the safety of your employees is of the utmost importance. STC’s professional staff utilize risk assessment evaluations and site audits to identify hazards and undesirable practices, correct them in real-time, and keep you informed of your team’s performance. We also provide continuous onsite support with 24/7 availability when needed to effectively manage the client’s safety needs through sensible, cost-effective methods.

Our general and industry-specific safety and health training programs are practical, easy to understand, and designed to help our clients reduce costs and increase productivity, quality, and profitability – while promoting and sustaining a safe and healthy work environment.

STC is a recipient of the Mosaic Contractor Gold Award Years of SAFETY AND HEALTH EXCELLENCE and has a Current Rating of “A” with ISNET WORLD.