OSHA / Compliance / Staffing / Management

Safety Training & Consulting offers a full compliment of consulting services to help your company stay ahead of your competition. We’ll assist or do it for you to develop a Safety Culture within your organization to proactively keep your EMR low and your workers safe & productive. We can help you prepare for projects during the planning stages, reviewing your involvement before you start and ensuring your Emergency Action Plans, Training and Staffing needs are met.

Safety Training and Consulting is your safety manager, or help your current safety staff with knowledge and planning in areas of industrial, construction, pipeline, energy, environmental and maintenance projects.

We work with your Project Management Team to determine the safety staffing requirements for your project including identifying a need for specialized personnel. Whether you are a site owner or contractor, this service ensures you are fully prepared to address your safety needs while controlling your budget.

Large scale projects are complex, and require detailed, thorough planning to address safety issues and staffing needs. For site owners, a new project often changes their existing conditions and contractors must perform in a new and unfamiliar environment. STC can help identify hazards during the planning phases of the project and work with all involved parties to ensure awareness of critical safety concerns, recommend appropriate training and provide safety supervision.

OSHA just paid you a visit. What do you do now? Safety Training and Consulting can help you to make corrections associated with OSHA citations, stand beside you during informal conferences and in some cases help in reduction or even elimination of fines.

Don’t wait! You have a limited window to respond to an OSHA citation. Call STC as soon as possible. You only have 15 days to respond and more time we have to work with you the more effective we can be on your behalf.

Safety Training and Consulting staffing experts understand what is required to successfully and economically complete a project. Our ability to assess manpower needs assures that you will always have the right people – and only the people necessary – on the job.

No matter what you call it, Job Briefings are a key element in preparing for and identifying change during daily work activities and special projects. The JSA, JHA, AHA and RA are valuable communication tools and documentation which help keep workers on task, aware and informed. STC can help you develop customized templates which allow your staff consistent and relevant methods to stay on top of daily activities. STC consults in the development of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) assessment for specific tasks covering nearly all possible scenarios in the construction industry. We also write Confined Space Emergency Action Plans to meet permitted confined space entry requirements and can help update any other documentation required by site owners or GC’s as they relate to safety.

Be proactive in your approach to Loss Control. STC’s experienced Safety Team can assist you in risk assessment, identification of areas for process improvement and safety plan deficiencies. Our team can then help you strengthen your safety policies and practices and help you develop contingencies for emergencies.

Safety Training and Consulting provides Third Party Accident and Incident Investigation services, supporting your company’s needs. Our highly experienced team brings years of experience in a variety of fields. Third Party analysis of accidents and incidents brings a fresh perspective to the investigative process and can often be beneficial in identifying root cause, impartiality, fulfillment of legal requirements, determination of compliance issues associated with the incident/accident and identification of hazards requiring correction.

Third Party Incident/Accident reporting is done in a timely manner. All reporting is complete, accurate and unbiased.

Services are provided on an as needed basis. All reporting is done in accordance with OSHA/MSHA regulations and your company’s policies. Investigation types include but are not limited to Damage to Property, Near Miss, Injury and Fatality. Gathering of evidence includes interviews, photography (when practical and permitted) and Site Examination. Take control of safety and loss control needs before you need them. Safety Training & Consulting can work with you during your project to oversee site safety. Our participation as a part of your team helps to reduce the costs associated with lost time injuries, equipment & other associated damage and fines through proactive oversight of your operations. In today’s construction climate, your investment in preparation will ensure you perform on schedule and with a higher profit margin.