Keep Workers Driving Safe

Texting while driving dramatically increases the risk of a motor vehicle injury or fatality. Employers need to make it clear to all workers that their company doesn’t require or condone texting while driving. It’s literally matter of life and death.

How businesses can get started:

Strong policies
Have a strong policy that prohibits the use of portable electronic devices while driving.
Establish work procedures and rules that do not make it necessary to text while driving.
Make safe driving an integral part of your business culture.

Provide continuous driver safety training. Train workers on driving distractions. Instruct drivers to take extra precautions during inclement weather.

Ensure drivers know procedures, times, and places for drivers to use phones and other technologies for communicating with managers, customers, and others.

Vehicle and driver safety
Review and consider the safety features of all vehicles used, including late-model vehicle safety systems.
Check the driving records of all employees who drive for work purposes.
Ensure vehicles are safe and properly maintained.
Encourage workers to focus on the road, avoid electronic distractions, slow down in work zones and not drive if fatigued.

Safety at work is no accident

Build a workplace culture of safety through explicit policies and sound practices.
Incorporate safe communications practices into work orientation and training.
Benefits to your business
Keep your employees safe
Reduce the costs of crashes and incidents
Reduce stress and improve employee morale
Minimal business interruptions

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