First Responder Training

Who will take care of an injured or ill worker before EMS arrives? This is where First Responder Training is essential. Both management and workers need to be trained to handle a wide variety of emergencies.

Our 40 Hour First Responder Course is where your training starts. Here, you will learn the basics, everything from caring for a small cut, all the way to handling more serious life-threatening emergencies.

•    Training follows the First Responder National Curriculum
•    All instructors are Florida certified EMTs and Paramedics
•    Classes are interactive. Students participate in all areas of training.
•    Skill intensive
•    As near to real life as possible

First Responder Refresher

After the initial training, continuous practice and updates are essential to maintaining skills.

•    Tailored to your specific schedule and needs
•    Maintains skills acquired in the 40 hour class
•    Includes newest changes in Standard of Care
•    Allows training that may be unique to your environment
•    Improves the confidence of each team member, and renews their enthusiasm

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Anyone who may come in contact with blood should be aware of the potential dangers and how to prevent the spread of disease. All First Responders MUST have this vital training. Others in the workplace will also benefit from learning how to protect themselves.