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Emergency Water Training

Safety Training and Consulting offers Emergency Water Training. This Intensive Emergency Water Training Program is designed to provide the skills, techniques and confidence needed to protect the employee during a water involved emergency. The class focuses on skills for evaluating water hazards, the hazards of drowning, water rescue tools and uses, water entry, self rescue and self control during an emergency.


Safety & Health Services

Safety Training and Consulting offers a comprehensive list of training programs designed to address all mandatory regulatory training. This includes:

•    OSHA Construction and General Industry
•    MSHA Miner Training
•    DOT Hazardous Materials
•    Medical Emergency Response Training

Our developmental services and programs include:


American Heart Association® Training

When the heart stops, seconds count. CPR must be started immediately. Otherwise, the victim has little chance of survival.

Why the American Heart Association?

The American Heart Association® is the leader in cardiac care and research. Professionals such as ambulance services and hospitals use their protocols.

Safety Training & Consulting utilizes the latest training materials and the most up-to-date information provided by the AHA. Students are provided with manuals, complete with CDs, which they keep. This allows them to review, practice and keep their skills strong.


Florida Outdoors - First Aid

At the request of many clients, Safety Training and Consulting has developed a two-part course designed to address the unique environmental dangers faced by people who spend a lot of time in the Florida outdoors.

This Florida Outdoor First Aid course also discusses patient care as well as recognition and prevention of outdoor injuries and illnesses.